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Any business school that offers an MBA degree is invited to join the MBA Roundtable, a global association of business schools that uses a collaborative approach to research and share information about MBA curricular issues. 

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    MBA Roundtable informs and inspires curricular and program innovation in MBA programs worldwide.

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    Sharing new ideas about curricular innovation helps us design better learning experiences

    Dan Poston, Assistant Dean
    University of Washington

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    "Winning the Innovator Award identified us as an innovator, which motivated us to continue that mindset".

    Nick Everest, Co-Director LEADERCORE
    University at Buffalo

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    "MBAR is the only business school organization dedicated solely on MBA Curriculum"

    Joe Fox- President, MBA Roundtable
    Associate Dean, WashU-St. Louis


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A Market-Driven Approach
to Designing a Responsive
MBA Curriculum

Fox School of Business
Temple University
October 5-6, 2017
  • How do MBA faculty, academic and program directors create and implement an innovative curriculum that meets the needs of their constituents? 
  • How do you go about gathering that research?
  • Who are your key constituents?
  • How do you turn that feedback into a responsive and evolving curriculum? 
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet, discuss and network with your fellow MBA program leaders around this challenging and relevant topic at the 2017 MBA Roundtable Annual Curricular Innovation Symposium where we will delve deeper into the challenge of using inputs from the corporate community to drive curriculum change and increased student satisfaction and success.  

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