Research and Studies


The MBA Roundtable generates significant research studies and surveys designed to capture curricular best practices and report curricular changes and trends in MBA education for the benefit of our member schools. 

Thanks to the active participation of our members in our research agenda, MBA Roundtable’s findings deliver practical and relevant information.

The MBA Roundtable shares the knowledge gained with our members and within the field of graduate management education via formal research reports, conference presentations, webinars, press releases, and publications.

Through its research the MBA Roundtable examines many curricular dimensions - from change processes, to design, to learning outcomes - all within the context of global environmental factors such as student demographics and the current market environment. These elements interact to shape curricular offerings and characterize the MBA degree. 


Core Comparisons

Core Curriculum Revision, Columbia University

Curiculum for 21st Century Talent and Leadership

Curricular Innovation Study 2009

Curricular Innovation Study 2009_Comprehensive Report

Curricular Innovation Study 2012 Comprehensive Report

From Episodic to Continuous Curriculum Renewal

Innovation and Creativity in the MBA Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Education in the MBA

Managing Your Elective Portfolio

MBAs and the Arts

Reverse Modeling from Part Time to Full Time Programs

Shared Curriculum and Governance Comprehensive Report

Shared Curriculum and Governance Summary

Survey on Core Comparisons

The New MBA Core (or is it?)

The Talent Management Curriculum Innovation Connection


Eyes on Innovation

Entrepreneurship and the MBA

Business School Incubators: Identifying the Best Model

Experiential Learning

Activity Based Learning

Managing Client- Based Experiential Based; Projects

MBAs in Action


Getting More from Your International MBA

Global Mindset and the MBA

Globalizing a Business School:  US - China Relations

Monterey Institute of International Studies Frontier Market Scouts Program

One MBA:  A Study in Cultivating a Global Mindset

Leadership and Professional Development

Critical Thinking@Olin

Integrated Model for Developing a Business Communications Center

LeaderCORE_Leading the Way on Leadership Development

MBA Coaching

Student Leadership at Foster Business School University of Washington

Responsibility and Sustainability

Curricular Innovation and Sustainable Development

Planet MBA

Learning to Lead While Giving Back

Thought Leadership, Business Leadership, Community Leadership - Rice University


Capella MBA Flexpath

Fayetteville State University - Integrated Distance Learning and Online MBA Program

Flipped Classroom:  Shifting the Paradigm from Instruction to Learning

The Virtual Edge:  Virtual Teaming in the MBA


Business Education Jam:  Envisioning the Future

MBA 2020 Existential Threats to the MBA

The Pursuit of Competitive Advantage

An MBA for Uncertain Times

Top Ten Trends Tweaks and Transformations in MBA Education

Top Trends in Curricular Innovation