Curricular Innovation Studies

Curricular Innovation Studies

The MBA Roundtable Curricular Innovation Study (CIS) is a large scale, extensive research project that identifies current trends in curricular development and the processes employed to inform and manage program change. The study informs business school faculty and administrators with practical and actionable data that will enable them to promote curricular change and innovation in their MBA programs.

In both 2009 and 2012, over 250+ members and participating schools completed the MBA Roundtable’s benchmark innovation survey. These studies indicated significant shifts in MBA degree offerings such as:

Executive MBA Programs
•    Additional electives
•    Complete redesign
•    Longer class sessions with fewer days on campus

Part-time MBA Programs
•    Accelerate degree completion time through more weekend and summer course delivery
•    Increase in action-based learning initiatives

Full-time MBA Programs
•    Increase in action-based learning initiatives
•    More integration in the core
•    Timing/order of courses tweaked: more electives in first year
•    Deepened concentrations and specializations