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featuring our

2017 finalist
University of Alabama's
STEM Path to the MBA

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
1:00 p.m. EST/12:00 p.m. CTL

How do you successfully drive innovation in your business school?  Learn from our 2017 MBA Roundtable Innovator Award Winners and Finalists on their successful innovations and programs, how they accomplished them and tips on driving innovation in your organization.

We continue our series with our 2017 MBA Roundtable Innovator Award Finalist from the Manderson Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama and their innovative STEM Path to the MBA .  

The STEM Path to the MBA program focuses on attracting high-achieving undergraduate students majoring in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. The program is an innovative approach to engage students early on as undergraduates and employs nontraditional classroom methods that allow top students to complete the MBA in one additional calendar year.  The Culverhouse College of Business welcomed its first group of STEM students for the Manderson Graduate School of Business MBA in 2011, with the class graduating with MBAs in 2016. As of fall 2017, more than 1,800 students have enrolled in the STEM Path to the MBA program at The University of Alabama since its inception.

The MBA Roundtable Innovator Award was created in 2011 to promote educational initiatives that advance innovation in MBA education and acknowledge the institutions that drive change in the field.  The Innovator Award raises awareness of ongoing continuous curricular and co-curricular improvements and educates employers, business school leaders, and faculty about innovative practices of best-in-class MBA programs. For business schools, the Award publically recognizes their leadership to initiate and achieve curricular reform.   

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